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If you haven't yet heard of Direct White, allow us to give you some of the reasons why it has been the winner of our “Best Teeth Whitener” two years in a row.



Customer Service


Direct White
Easy to navigate and answers questions immediately.  Has custom fit trays, great gel, and a great price.

Our experience is that t he professional dental bleaching systems offered by Direct White is a comfortable and effective form of at-home dental bleaching. Their mouthpieces are created at a dental lab using impressions of your teeth made at home and are comfortable to wear and minimize gum sensitivity. The process is simple and doesn't taste bad. We were able to make our teeth at least 10 shades whiter with this product!

At Home Teeth Whitening Kit


The Brighter Image system offered by Direct White included a custom-fitted bleaching tray produced by their dental lab to fit your teeth exactly (same tray they produce for dentists all across America!).

When our review group used this product it produced at least 10 shades of whiter teeth in all of our testers. This product does what it says it will!

Customer Service

Before we purchased, Direct White answered all of our questions immediately and offered superior customer service. We were extremely impressed as most others didn't even bother to call us back! We had several questions and they always had the right answer. With any teeth whitener, you're going to have questions (we sure did when we first started!) so you want to work with a company who has good customer service and who will immediately answer your questions - before and after you buy!


While Direct White kits start at $79 it will literally save you hundreds of dollars if you went to your dentist to get your teeth whitened. They eliminate the middle man and give you direct access to the manufacturer who makes these for thousands of dentists across America. We believe this is the best value on the market for the results you get!. They also offer a no questions asked 100% results satisfaction warranty!

User Reviews

“Thanks to Direct White, My Teeth Have Whitening 6 to 8 shades whiter. The Lab Direct Service is the most amazing system I have seen since the invention of dental floss. You have delivered everything you promised just as you said you would, It was very easy to use, in a time and money-saving package. Thank you for your contribution to the world. I have no doubt that your company will reach the highest levels of success.”

– Philip K. Akalp

Direct White is fantastic! It is every thing anyone would need to properly achieve and maintain professionally bright white teeth all with in one package. Not only do you get ,custom fitted impression trays with maximum strength bleaching gel you can actually see your results in just 1 day! They can even give you specific tips and recommendations to maintain your whitening for YEARS to come. Direct is like having your own professional image consultant service at your beck and call for pennies on the dollar!”

– Tim Clark

“I wanted you know that I use to work for a dentists office as an assistance. I would have known if your process was not exactly the identical whitening service and process used by all the cosmetic dentist and I would have returned it but it is and I wanted to ad that your staff is a very good asset to your business and you guys have really easy to use process for anyone doing this for the first time. I am telling all friends about the Direct White Professional Teeth Whitening.”

– Ronda File

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Best Teeth Whitener

For the second consecutive year the 2007 winner of the best teeth whitener is Direct White.


Direct White

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